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Marisa Hernandez is a one-a-of-kind in the beauty industry, both a gifted scientist and a passionate perfectionist in matters of esthetics. Ms. Hernandez is the developer of the Inventive Eco-Organic Therapy line of truly natural skincare products. Her Marisa Skin Management™ - effective clinical skincare system (M.S.M.™) provides customized protocols for each client and is available only in fine salons and clinics. Formerly the owner of a prestigious skincare center in Austin, Texas, Ms. Hernandez now uses her 35 years of beauty-industry experience to provide consulting services to a range of esthetic professionals. She also continues to work with a high-end private clientele and spends time daily in her laboratory producing and developing her products.

Inventive Eco-organic™ skincare line is the culmination of Marisa Hernandez’s 35 years of experience as a scientist and esthetician. Inventive Eco-organic™ therapeutic products are the components of Marisa Skin Management™ (M.S.M.™), a holistic skin care approach integrating old-world techniques and traditions with modern-day technological innovations.