Products offered at FrouFrou

Gunilla of Sweden has been supplying estheticians, dermatologists and the professional skin care community with innovative (high content) organic skin care products since 1985. Gunilla of Sweden is the only professional skin care company to utilize super nutrient 100% organic, greenhouse grown, hydroponic botanicals as the 1st and main ingredient in every product we make. My goal for decades has been to create the most effective (professional) line of organic skin care products that would go far beyond what most brands defined as organic and with LEROSETT® and ÄKTA® I have accomplished this goal.

People often ask, why have I never heard of Gunilla of Sweden before? Since 1985 Gunilla of Sweden has exclusively been sold to estheticians, dermatologists and licensed skin care professionals for use in spas and medical clinics. Gunilla of Sweden is the favorite organic skin care line for many thousands of these professionals, it’s only in 2008 that Gunilla of Sweden has advertised to the public at large and made these amazing products available directly through Gunilla of Sweden as well as many hundreds of spas and clinics around the country.