Nicole’s goal is to customize each facial for the needs of your skin. By modifying each facial to your specific skin type we are able to improve and balance the environment of your skin. Nicole’s 9 years of Brow shaping and training influences a wonderful result for fabulous eyebrows.  Voted “Best Brow and Lash Tint,” by The Austin Monthly, 2006, 

Nicole can improve the color and shape of your Brows and lashes. Going a step beyond services, we educate our clients in proper skin maintenance, homecare, and product knowledge.



Initial Consultation 


The initial fee will be credited to your first facial service at Frou Frou.  Your skin will be analyzed for proper care and balance along with a recommended treatment.


Custom Facials*   

50 min.    105.00

Skin Analysis, Mask, steam, exfoliation and deep pore cleansing (if desired or needed), with individualized nourishment and oxygen rejuvenation.

Custom Deep Pore Cleansing Facial*  

50-60 min. 105.00

Includes everything from the original  “Custom Facial”, but with more meticulous attention to the extraction of the pores to help repair and prevent the manifestation of acne and heavy sebaceous production.

 * Both Custom Facials are discounted for College Students, Teens, and Tweens at the          price of $ 75.00


Pure Oxiana                                      

30 min. 55.00

Exfoliates, Cleanses, Hydrates, and Oxygenates. A quick pick me up for your cells promoting collagen synthesis and a cleaner, clearer complexion for your baby face.

Diamond Microdermabrasion *     

The use of Aluminum Oxide crystals to eliminate rough texture, hyperpigmentation, and the build up of oil and bacteria.

Custom (35 min)                                            



Deluxe Diamond

( Everything listed in the Custom with extractions and the use of the Oxiana included.) 

50-60min 145.00

Back Treatment                                  

30-40 min.  $65.00

A customized attentive treatment specifically for the back including mask, exfoliation and extractions.  AKA  “The Bacial”.

 * Peels and Microdermabrasion can be upgraded for the Back  $50.00 starting


Facials (Organic)

Organic Custom Facial *                                         

50 min. 105.00

A customized facial using only Inventive Organic products.  Facial consists of analysis, exfoliation, steam, mask, deep pore cleansing, and oxygen spray with nourishment.


Organic Acne Facial *                                             

50 min. 105.00

A customized facial available for all ages with everything provided in the Organic Custom Facial only with a more detailed deep pore cleansing session.

* Price discounted for College Students, Teens and Tweens to 65.00


Organic Diamond Microdermabrasion


35 min.  105.00


Deluxe            ( offers deep pore cleansing and oxiana treatment)                                                                            

50-60min 145.00


Designed by Rhonda Allison, these peels vary from Progressive, Mid-Depth, and Deep strengths to meet your customized skincare goals.

Recommended for the boost you need to get the skin response that you want.



All progressive peels are quick fixes that progress in a series to achieve the results without harming sensitive skin environments.


Alpha Hydroxy Acid Peel   

15 min  65.00

Rejuvenating, firming,  and brightening for the all over complexion

Repeated within 3-6 weeks on a weekly basis.


Perk Me up    

30 min. 105.00

The use of Lactic Acid or Rhonda’s Apple wine peel with the finishing touch of the Oxiana.  A wonderful blast for your cells to give you a perky glow!


The Refresher 

40 min. 200.00

Using 50% Lactic Acid, combined with the Diamond Peel, and Sprayed with pure oxygen.  Sometimes the skin needs a refresher to expose a healthy finish, especially between seasons.


Brighten Up  

20 min. 95.00

The RA Vit. A Peel, Pepsin Papain enzymes, and a melanin suppressant will certainly brighten your day. I mean face!


Italian Herbal Peel 

40-50 min. 105.00

Reduces Bacteria, smoothes rough texture and minimizes oil production. Strong Italian Herbs and Enzymes with added Acidity.


Fade A Peel 

30 min.  95.00

Increases circulation while brightening and softening using lactic acid and a melanin suppressant.  Up to 6 treatments recommended.


Mid-Depth Peels ( a little more active than progressive)

Pure Glycolic 

30min 105.00

Remove dullness and gray overcast of the face with a strong and pure glycolic acid.


The Melanin Lift 

20 min. 125.00

Lightens discoloration and makes skin more even with the use of 15% TCA/AHA, and melanin suppressant.


“A” Peroxide Peel 

40-45 min.

Great for Acne! A combo of RA Glycolic(mild), Vit A Peel or Beta A Peel.  Will reduce sebaceous activity and lift impurities.



Recommended for those who have a stronger resistance and need a jump start. Expect a mild recovery on the face.


Young Again Peel 

45-60 min. 250.00

With a strong dose of TCA/AHA and combined with the Diamond microdermabrasion.

Rejuvenating the skin by promoting collagen sythesis through a peel.

Buff and DeShine 

40-45 min. 175.00

Softens and smoothes skin using  a strong Glycolic and TCA/ AHA. Balances oil and controls acne.


The Crystal Bright Peel

40-45 min. 200.00

Reduces discoloration and improves overall appearance of the skin, results achieved with the use of microdermabrasion, oxygen, and TCA/AHA.


Waxing and Sugaring

The removal of unwanted facial or body hair with you and your aesthetician’s choice of Wax, or Modernized Ancient Macedonia, Sugar Paste. 


Lip and Chin      24.00

Brow (Design)   25.00

Nose                  5.00

Ears                   5.00

Sideburns         15.00

Underarms        25.00

Arms full           40.00

Arms half          25.00

Chest                50.00 starting

Bikini                35.00

Brazilian            50.00

Face(Full)           45.00

Legs                  60.00

Back                  50.00 starting